Servisionan Adishonal KEP

Additional Services

Apart from the services related to the principal objects of KEP, additional services are made available to the members such as a Funeral Fund, a Family Indemnity Plan, membership of Building Depot, payment of motor vehicle tax and much more.

Funeral Fund

We all know that one day we all have to go. ‘One day’ is an indefinite time and we are ready to postpone this thought. Consequently, in many cases we start planning too late for this day.

Nowadays, the cost of a basic funeral may start from 7.000 guilders. To help cover these expenses, the KEP Cooperative provides its members and their families with this service which includes the following:

  • A member of KEP is insured to the amount of 4000 guilders against death risk.
  • The wife or legitimate partner is insured to the amount of 3,500 guilders against death risk.
  • Natural or acknowledged children who are not married and have not yet reached the age of 18, or who are attending a daytime school and have not yet reached the age of 25 or are totally disabled and/or do not work and have not yet reached the age of 29, are insured to an amount of 1,500 guilders.

At the time of death, KEP provides you with significant financial help as KEP takes the premium of this insurance for its account.

In order to claim the benefit under the Funeral Fund in case of death, the member or the person in charge should submit the following documents:

  • Death certificate
  • Copy of marriage certificate, if the member is married
  • Proof of “Cohabitation agreement” (in the case of a partner)
  • Proof signed by a representative of the school attended by the child.
  • Certificate of the hospital evidencing that the person has died and can be buried.

In case of death of a member whose spouse/partner is also a member, the benefit under the Funeral Fund can only be claimed in the capacity of a member.

Funeral Fund benefits can be claimed up to a maximum of 1 year after the death of the member of the fund.

Family Indemnity Plan

Complementary to KEP’s Funeral Fund, members are given an opportunity to apply for one of the 4 funeral plans offered by insurance company CUNA Mutual Insurance Society, as indicated below. Six family members can be covered by one policy, paying a relatively low amount per month.

The “Family Indemnity Plan” offers financial relief in difficult times, providing cash benefits to cover funeral expenses for yourself and for your legally selected family members.

Advantages of the plan to cover funeral expenses include:

  • No medical test is required; neither are there any questions to be answered
  • Lifetime coverage
  • Claims are paid out within two days
Option Amount Monthly Charges
Plan A ƒ 5000 ƒ 26,40
Plan B ƒ 7.500 ƒ 39,60
Plan C ƒ 10.000 ƒ 52,80
Plan D ƒ 15.000 ƒ 79,20

Building Depot Membership Card

Through KEP, members can obtain a membership card of Building Depot at a reduced rate. Also outstanding balances can be paid through KEP.

Building Depot

Payment of Motor Vehicle Tax

At the beginning of the year, KEP provides members with an opportunity to pay their motor vehicle tax on flexible terms. The member can pay back in 6 or 10 months, depending whether KEP has paid six months or a whole year for him.


Members will obtain a discount off their yearly premium if applications are made to insurance company ASKA or Guardian through KEP. The yearly premium should be paid back in a maximum period of 10 months.



Popular Concerts

Purchases of tickets for Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival, Viva La Musica Latina or other popular concerts can also be made through KEP, while you can also pay in installments or in one go. Drop in at our office and make your application and within one week you will have your ticket in your hand.