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The membership of a Credit Union consists of members who share a common base and who joined in a cooperative structure in order to jointly achieve financial benefits.

What is a Credit Union?

A Credit Union is an organization that has the structure of a cooperative.

The main object is to promote saving, provide one another with an opportunity to contract loans on flexible conditions and invest in the cooperative. Members, who at the same time are owners of the cooperative, control the Credit Union democratically.

What does KEP stand for?

KEP Credit Union provides professional, convenient, reliable and personal services based on the specific needs of its members.

Financial and human resources are allocated in the most efficient way to ensure that our organization remains a stable, sound, safe and solid one that is constantly developing and keeps on improving.
Because of our commitment to comply with the needs of our members, KEP advocates, by continuous improvement, to stay one step ahead of developments in the financial sector and of our competitors. In addition, we lay emphasis on educational aspects that stimulate and educate our members.

How does KEP Cooperative operate?

Affiliating with KEP, companies provide their employees with a sound alternative that is not profit-based like other financial institutes which do aim to maximize their profits.

In this way we are in a position to offer lower interests on loans, higher interests on savings and reduced charges for our services. The members themselves are shareholders in KEP Cooperative. At the end of the year when KEP closes its books and allocates reserves, KEP distributes the surplus funds among its members by way of dividends.
As we are under the supervision of the Central Bank, the members may be assured of the continuity and solvency of KEP. We are a solid and reliable cooperative in which you can invest your money. As a member you are an owner, not just a client. Only members can make use of our services. Management of KEP is conducted democratically; each member has one vote, regardless of the amount of shares that he has accumulated.

Membership benefits

Economically hard times require creative ways to accommodate the diverse needs of employees. KEP provides a way to give more without spending more. Joining KEP, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lower interests on loans
  • Higher interests on savings
  • Better returns on your investments as compared with other local financial institutes.
  • A unique and attractive combination of product and service.
  • No administrative charges.
  • Prompt reply to loan applications.
  • Payment of dividend on surplus.
  • Great collective buying power resulting in better deals and added value.

Benefits for the company

  • Indirectly, your employees will have a more attractive package of fringe benefits.
  • Employees will no longer apply to you for loans; they will prefer to take out their loans at KEP.
  • Educational aspects provided by KEP will assist employees in their development.

How to join?

How to join? Joining is free; once you have considered the benefits of joining KEP, you are ready for commitments. Companies join free of charge.

The only condition for companies that want to join is to deduct payments to be made to KEP from employees’ salaries and transfer them to KEP. Members, however, do have to pay a small amount of 25 guilders in order to join.

Once affiliated, members buy their shares paying a monthly amount. In this way they acquire shares. So, right from the first day you start forming your portfolio, buying shares every month. All employees can see their portfolio grow every month on their personal statement. Membership immediately gives entitlement to make use of all KEP services. As soon as you have been affiliated to KEP for 3 months, you qualify to take out a loan.

Join KEP

Joining is easy. Please download this Application Form. Fill this in and send it via email to: info@kep.cw along with the following documents:

  • Valid ID ( e.g: Sedula, Drivers Licence or Passport)
  • Proof of address (no older than 3 months) (e.g.: invoice of Flow, Aqualectra, bank statement, civil registry document)
  • Letter from Employer (no older than 1 month)
  • *** Retiree: last months pension slip
You may also feel free to drop in at the KEP office.

Applying for our MiKEP Online platform? Please click on this link and complete the form to sign up.

Apply for MiKEP

What is a Share?

Joining KEP, you invest in the cooperative, buying shares every month.

You can start buying a minimum of a half share per month (25 guilders). This implies that you, together with all other members, may consider yourselves to be owners of the cooperative. Accumulating shares, you qualify to receive dividend at the end of the year when there is a surplus. A member can borrow a maximum of 5 times the amount accumulated in shares.